27. Mar, 2021


electric in the greenhouse - that’s high living!

26. Mar, 2021

Weekend work

The greenhouse beckons this weekend , herbs and flower seeds are showing their heads so need to be potted on.

Swiftly followed by a compost run on Sunday.

Nice to be able to just potter around in the garden.  Oh might do a little more in the creation of the woodland garden as well, got a pile of old wheels which are crying out to be piled up and then covered with chicken wire.  Then I can pop some soil on and plant a chamomile lawn seat

25. Mar, 2021

Another week goes by

Isn't it amazing how quickly this year has gone already?  The first quarter will be finished in a few days and we're still not sure if spring has sprung.  More planting going on in the greenhouse this last week - chrysanthemum, viola, dahlia, dianthus, parsley, thyme etc all showing their heaads and some needing potting on already.  Glad I've got a little heat in the greenhouse as it has made all the difference.  I forsee space being at a premium very soon so a 10' x 20' polytunnel is in the offing as soon as I find somewhere to put it!

18. Mar, 2021

What's new this week

I managed to get punnets of raspberries and strawberries this week at the wholesaler - reasonable price £1.50 and they look good. Taste testing comes later!


14. Mar, 2021

Chicknic table

Some of my hens checking out their new feeder, courtesy of Frank Toddg